PR for PR

Houston PR, an award-winning PR agency, has recently announced it’s new name. Previously known as Twelve Thirty Eight PR, it’s founder Hamish Thompson told The Capitalist “I managed to come up with the world’s least memorable name. I thought, ‘Sod this, I’m changing it.’ What they did next means it’s unlikely anyone will forget the name any time soon, because the agency sent it’s re-brand press release… into space.

Being described as the world’s ‘highest press release’, it is already doing the rounds on social media, being tweeted by the likes of Shortlist Magazine and getting picked up on blogs. It got me thinking, should we doing more PR… for PR?

It’s not unusual to see stunts like these on behalf of our clients, but agencies often fail to inject the same kind of passion, strategy and quite frankly, internal budget, into PR’ing ourselves. In this highly competitive and saturated market, it’s stunts such as Houston PR’s that are going to get them recognised by engaging, enthusiastic and creative brands who are looking for an agency who are willing to push the boundaries for themselves and their clients.

Whilst stunts such as the above are great, they’re normally one-off events and it’s important that agencies are providing a consistent representation of themselves on social media. There’s no excuse for PR organisations not to have strong social channels, keeping the following things in mind:

  • Mix it up: OK, we’ve all seen the disasters when Twitter feeds have been handed over by inexperienced members of staff. However, I still think it’s important that different people from different areas of the business are involved in the overall social ‘face’ of the agency, whether that’s a blog post, live tweeting from an event or uploading of an image
  • Be a thought leader: Whilst it’s important to know what’s going in the PR (and wider) world, through being involved in (and hosting!) online conversations such as #commschat – our social channels are also a great way to show we’re up to date with our clients worlds, whether that’s technology, tourism, food or finance.
  • Bring your brand to life: As PR professionals we are well attuned in the art of bringing brands to life, just sometimes not our own. I have written before on the importance of individuals building their own brands, but in such a highly competitive market it’s important that agencies use social channels and PR to build their own brand – highlighting their individuals, areas of expertise and unique selling points to clients and/or future employees.
  • Showcase your work: When you’ve done a brilliant piece of client work or a successful campaign, why not shout about it? Showcasing work goes beyond case studies on a website, it can be writing a blog, posting videos, making a vine…. be creative! That’s what we do best, right?
  • Network: A huge part of our business but networking doesn’t need to be air kissing over flutes of champagne. Hosting an online trends conversation or communications forum, creating a group on LinkedIn and even inviting those people you meet online to meet face to face in your offices – use social to bring your networks to life!



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