Super Social

I love this new Google Chrome advert. It’s definitely my favourite TV ad at the moment, take a look:

Why? Well not only is it pretty uplifting and inspirational, but doesn’t it just sum up in one big, happy musical series of images how powerful social media is? It really excites me and is exactly what I will be basing my final year dissertation around (although I am yet to define my question). However, I know for certain that my research question will be exploring in depth how social media is changing the very foundation on which PR is built and how PR practitioners need to adopt these skills to be leaders in changing and developing our profession.

This video sums up my beliefs about how important social media is to the public relations profession and how PR practitioners should bring the skills, ideas and creativity needed to implement social media into their roles. Lets face it, our profession is changing in front of our eyes at incredible speeds and if we don’t keep up, learn and adapt – well, there may be a lot of bodies.

This is what is making me really excited about graduating and entering the fast paced world of social media and PR. I am excited to bring my existing skills and knowledge to help an organisation develop and be a leader in their social media tactics whilst at the same time learning new skills within the role.


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