Rising Media….

On Tuesday I started a one day a week placement with Rising Digital, a music PR agency who specialise in social media. I was excited to get a placement with a company who specialise in social media, I believe that social media is one of the most important skills that I can have as a PR student and aspiring PR practitioner.

On my first day I was surprised to be introduced to social media platforms I had never even heard the name of. Rising Digital focuses on raising small and large artists online presence by using word of mouth and viral tactics. Music blogs are mainly focused on working with the blogger to create word of mouth promotion for the artist.

I was assigned to work with artists such as Sander van Doorn, Mauro Picotto and Axwell. Some of the best music social media platforms I was introduced to included:

1. iLike.com

iLike is an online service that allows users to download and share music. The website makes use of a sidebar that is used with Apple’s iTunes . The program and sidebar are not required in order to use the site but allow for ease in discovering new artists. Although the website is still in a somewhat beta version, it is open to anyone. The site attracted around half a million users in the first four months after it was launched. According to the latest statements by the company, over 60 million consumers registered to use iLike either directly on iLike.com or using the apps built by iLike for third-party social networks such as Facebook. iLike also built a “post-once publish-everywhere” dashboard for artists – major label artists as well as independent artists. It now receives an average of 150,000 visitors per day.

2. Soundcloud.com

SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform which allows musicians to collaborate, promote and distribute their music. SoundCloud was established in August, 2007, in Berlin, Germany, by sound designer Alex Ljung and artist Eric Wahlforss. It had the intention of allowing musicians to share recordings with each other, but later transformed into a full publishing tool which also allowed musicians to distribute their music tracks.

3. Hyves.nl

Hyves is the most popular social networking site in the Netherlands  with mainly Dutch visitors and members and competes in this country with sites such as Facebook and Myspace. Hyves was founded in 2004.

In May 2010 Hyves had more than 10.3 million accounts. These correspond to two thirds of the size of the Dutch population (which stands at over 16 million in 2010), however these include multiple accounts per person and inactive accounts. The number of accounts had grown by over two million as compared to the 1.5 years earlier. Hyves can be used free of charge, but there is an option for a paid Premium Membership (called Goldmembership). Goldmembers have access to some extra feautures, such as the ability to use some more different smilies in their messages and more uploading-space for pictures. The creators have said that the basic form of Hyves will always stay free.


2 thoughts on “Rising Media….

  1. Nice post Leah. I’m glad you got so much out of your first day. Another site you’ll become very familiar with, is Hypem aka The Hype Machine. http://hypem.com You’re going to love this one. Very eclectic, great for artist profile and all the social media trimmings, makes this, by a long shot, my favourite music platform. See you next week. 🙂

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