Anstey Campaign is underway


If you didn’t know already, I am currently working on the PR campaign for Claire Anstey, ex MTV and Virgin TV presenter who has just released her debut book, Sort Out Your Crap Life. The book, which is as edgy and to the point as its title, is a new motivational and inspirational self-help book which inspires people to make the most of their life and have the best life possible. 

I was recruited onto the campaign in October after emailing Claire when I saw the opportunity in Behind The Spin magazine. A large group of us was recruited and I was shortly promoted to Team Leader. The campaign has been hard, we are all students with many responsibilities and we are all working from home and although some have fallen off the radar completely.. I am working hard to get the campaign underway. Nathan Paice, a PR student from Bournemouth University achieved great success when he booked Claire for a radio interview on Talk Sport. The interview was a success and Claire received huge positive feedback from the public. 

Claire has a wonderful message, one that is truly inspiring and when people actually hear it, they are as inspired and emotional as I was when I begun the campaign. It is hard though, being students.. people don’t really want to know. Although a real-life campaign for a real book and a real celebrity, we are only mere students and it is an uphill struggle to get coverage and secure interviews.

However, I have recently been talking to the editor of MUD Magazine of Middlesex University. Claire studied a BA (Hons) in Dance at Middlesex and successfully went on to star in music videos and model for BodyForm. The editor is excited to work with Claire and the team and is printing the press release I sent him in his December issue. (Hoorah!) He also wants to work with Claire with print interviews and radio interviews. It is a great step and a really exciting time, so I will keep you updated!

If anyone is reading this, who wants to be come involved in the campaign, please do not hesitate the contact me. It is a fantastic campaign and your support would be greatly appreciated. I have many press releases to send you!!

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One thought on “Anstey Campaign is underway

  1. This sounds like a fantastic project – well done for becoming Team Leader. I think you need to think of yourself as the PR for her book, rather than just a student helping out on this project, and this will hopefully push your confidence when speaking with journalists to gain coverage!
    Good luck!

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