My favourite news this week

Quite oddly…this weeks news has provided me with a few chuckles.

1. The Lady Gaga degree

If you didn’t see my post below, The University of South Carolina has developed a sociology degree in the studies of Lady Gaga dedicated to the life, work, rise and fame of the pop star Lady Gaga. The course description says it aims to “unravel some of the sociologically relevant dimensions of the fame of Lady Gaga with respect to her music, videos, fashion, and other artistic endeavours”.

2. The Roadkill Christmas Toys
Designer Adam Arber has created ‘Roadkill’ toys that look like they have just been run over. They come complete with guts which can be pulled out and pushed back in. (joyful.) Apparently the designer recommends they should not be given to under 14’s and are “perfect for sociopaths”. Ahh, you just can’t beat Christmas cheer.

(If you’d rather not hand your child this on Christmas.. how about the new Barack Obama sex doll?)

4. Post Halloween PR scaries

Rich Leigh, Account Direct at 10 Yetis released an article today of How NOT to apply for a PR job – providing humorous examples. My favorite one has to be this one:

It’s OK to big yourself up… to an extent

I want to run a cover letter in near-entirety, to show you just how not to do it. Seriously, never, ever send a cover letter like this.


Hi Rich

Rare as a Bigfoot dropping.

That’s about the only way to describe an experienced PR and marcomms professional who started a career in trade publishing, has experience on consumer titles, significant strategic marketing experience, a solid grounding in copywriting and design for sales and corporate campaigns AND has worked clientside.

And did you know that ‘Yeti’ is actually derived from the Tibetan word ‘Wylie’ (I bet you did),  and that ‘wiley’  just about sums up somebody like me – someone with the interpersonal skills to generate organic and acquisitive client growth?

So I’m not really interested in a PR Exec position. But I am local, available and bored. Very bored. And I’m loaded with expertise in traditional and digital media relations, crisis, issues, and event management, industrial relations, community relations, corporate publishing, design and the panoply of wider PR and creative disciplines.

The Yeti, Bunyip, Bigfoot, Gigantopithecus and other cryptids may be intriguing, but they can’t use a keyboard.

Or get you to read this far. Which I’ve done.

Kinda makes you wonder what else I can do.

Doesn’t it?

I’m sure you enjoyed that just as much as I did. Click here to read the whole thing.. it’s a funny read!

5. Jamiroquai’s Bad PR move

Oh JQ, don’t you know not to slag off the X factor and it’s judges to the whole world.. especially to The Sun? Silly boy. As big as fan base as he has, slagging off the X factor is never a good idea. And after Pier’s Morgan’s show… I think Cheryl Cole has most of the nation on her side. And Dannii has just had a baby! Shame on you.

(Also very funny: JQ’s intense grovelling this week!)

6. Tightrope walking Elephants, you say?

Probably not so funny, but more upsetting.. an animal park in Thailand has taught Elephants how to walk along a tightrope.  Fully grown elephants weighing more than three tons have been trained to walk across ropes in front of tourists at the Safari World theme park on the outskirts of Bangkok.  



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