Passport to Shine

We all remember the campaign that went down in history as one of the best PR campaigns ever constructed. “The Best Job In The World” was a campaign that encouraged people to come forward to apply for the position for Island Caretaker for the Great Barrier Reef, Australia (watch this YouTube video to see what it’s all about.) The campaign was one of the first high profile social media campaigns that really took advantage of the social media tools available to companies right now. They created a beautiful site and encouraged applicants to send in a video on why they think they should have The Best Job In The World.

Following this, a new high profile social media campaign is underway. Tourism Queensland, the same board that created The Best Job In The World Campaign have launched a Facebook campaign which allows Facebook users across the world to win the ultimate holiday to Queensland, Australia worth $100,000. The social media campaign includes users creating their own virtual passport of Queensland experiences. Tourism Queensland have really recognised the social media tools which are available to them and have created somewhat of a viral campaign; encouraging Facebook users to invite other Facebook friends and they have even created a generic tweet which you can automatically tweet onto your page. (Looks a little something like this: “I have just entered into a draw to win a $100,000 trip to Australia! Enter here..)

A few days after the launch and over 100,000 Facebook users had joined the group. Check out the facebook page here

Queensland Australia Passport To Shine Facebook Campaign

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